The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently made the decision to keep the repo rate unchanged at 6.5%. This announcement has important implications for various stakeholders. Before discussing the implications, let’s quickly understand what the repo rate is. The repo rate is the rate at which commercial banks lend a portion of their deposits to the central bank. When the repo rate increases, it encourages banks to lend more deposits to the central bank.

Now, let’s talk about inflation, which refers to the increase in the price of goods and services. Inflation occurs when there is growing demand for goods and services, which is often driven by increased spending in the economy. To control inflation, the RBI had raised the repo rate by 40 basis points in May and another 50 basis points in June 2022 when inflation in the Indian economy had reached 7.8% in April 2022.

When the RBI raises the repo rate, banks find it more attractive to lend their deposits to the central bank and earn higher interest on their deposits. This reduces retail lending, which leads to a decrease in the circulation of money in the economy. The resulting liquidity shortfall reduces the overall demand for goods and services, eventually bringing prices to a more balanced level and controlling inflation.

Now, returning to the present, the RBI’s decision to maintain the repo rate unchanged brings relief to many borrowers. However, this decision also has a significant impact on the investment market, particularly the bond market. This presents an opportunity for bond investors to enter the market.

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